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EMS History

The CJFD was the first fire department in Mahoning County to provide emergency medical services, beginning in 1974. During the summer of 2000, the CJFD transitioned to full-service paramedic-level providers. Today, the CJFD is the only paid department in the county to offer first-responder paramedic services.

The Cardinal Joint Fire District provides both basic and advanced life support with first responder paramedic service to the people of the City of Canfield and Canfield Township.

When you call 911, dispatchers alert the fire department about a medical emergency at your location. CJFD responds from two strategically-located fire stations, one located on Lisbon Street in the City of Canfield and the other located on Messerly Road in Canfield Township. Both fire stations are staffed with a minimum of two personnel, one paramedic and one first responder/EMT 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Emergency Medical Service’s job is to stabilize the patient until an ambulance arrives to transport that patient to a hospital for further evaluation. Our department is made up of both men and women who train daily to provide the best medical service possible. The CJFD has its own medical director and medical protocol, allowing us to operate in a manner that best suits this community.

Our goal is to provide our community members and visitors with the best service in timely, professional manner. As the EMS field expands, the CJFD will expand as well.