Our Mission

The Mission of the Cardinal Joint Fire District is to provide protection of Life, Property and Environment, through Public Education in Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Techniques, Public Awareness Campaigns and the Continuous Training and Commitment of our Officers, Firefighters and Firefighter-EMTs in the latest techniques and acquisitions of equipment.

Core Values


The Fire District recognizes that only through effective communication, positive attitude, shared workloads, and collective commitments to common goals will we be able to meet our responsibilities to our customers and each other.  Only through constructive actions, comments, suggestions, and an openness to new ideas will our team goals and objectives be met.  “We” rather than “I” shall be the prevailing attitude and practice.


We will provide quality life safety, health care, property conservation, and environmental preservation for our customers in a safe, timely, professional, and effective manner.


We will strive to be proficient and optimally effective in our professional practice.  We will work to continually improve, by all available means, our knowledge of the profession and our individual and collective performances.


We will be honest, forthright, loyal, and articulate in all of our daily communications and activities.  We will treat our customers, and each other, with respect and courtesy at all times.


We will act to expand choice, promote wisdom, and provide opportunity by empowering those with whom we work to enhance their careers and make informed decisions.  Special efforts will be made to act as advocates for the community we serve, the District, and our individual members.


The privacy of all our customers and members will be respected, and all information obtained in the course of our professional service will be handled with sensitivity and respect.


Through objective and measurable means, we will take responsibility for identifying, developing, and fully utilizing knowledge for continuous quality improvement in our individual and collective performances.


We will be fair and understanding in developing, implementing, and evaluating policy and practice, as well as in our personal interactions with others.  We will seek to maintain an appropriate balance between community, District, and individual priorities.